Why is NF3 most stable? (2023)

Why is NF3 more stable?

NF3, it is stable and highly inert gas at room temperature. It is because fluorine and nitrogen have comparable sizes and electronegativity.

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Why NF3 is more stable than NH3?

Since In NH3 ,N is surrounded by 3 H atom which is less electronegative element than Nitrogen (N) . so there is electronegativity difference between them so it's resultant is maximum, but in NF3 the flourine cancel out the resultant though, there is less electronegativity difference between them, so NF3 IS MORE STABLE.

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Which is more stable NF3 or NI3?

NF3 is stable but NCl3 and NI3 , are unstable and explosive.

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Why is NF3 not stable?

Reason: In NF3, the fluorine has the highest value of electronegativity and thus the lone pair of electrons on N-atoms is strongly bound.

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Why is NH3 more stable?

Due to presence of lone pair of electron, the hydrides of these elements are basic (Lewis Bases) in nature. The Basicity decreases with the size of central atom due to diffusion of electrons over larger volume. The larger the size of central atoms also weakens the M-H bond.

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Does NF3 obey the octet rule?

Total valence electrons in NF3 N F 3 = 5+7×3=26 5 + 7 × 3 = 26 electrons, and it obeys octet rule.

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Which is stronger base NF3 and NH3?

In `NH_3, N` is more electronegative than `H`, hence bond pair shifts towards `N` in `N-H`, thereby negative charge density on `N` increases, hence tendency to donate electrons increases. Hence `NH_3` is more basic as compared to `NF_3`.

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What is the difference between NH3 and NF3?

In NH3, the dipole moment vector of the bond and the lone pairs are in the same direction. But in NF3, the dipole moment vector of lone pairs and bond pairs are opposite in direction. So, the net dipole moment will be the substractive effect of the two. Hence, the dipole moment of NH3 is larger than NF3.

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Why NF3 is a weaker base than NH3?

Answer: Explanation:this is due to the 3 F atoms in NF3 attracts the lone pair of electrons in N and hence it becomes difficult for N to loose that pair of electrons, and therefore acts as a weak base. But in NH3, Hydrogen is less electronegative then Fluorine, and has less tendency to attract shared pair of electrons.

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Which is the most stable form of nitrogen?

2.2 Nitrogen. Unlike phosphorus, nitrogen occurs most commonly as an extremely stable atmospheric gas, dinitrogen (N2). Dinitrogen gas comprises approximately 78% of our breathable atmosphere and is remarkably unreactive due to the strength of the triple bond.

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Which nitrogen is most stable?

So, NO2 is the most stable oxide of nitrogen.

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Why NF3 is stable but NCl3 is not?

Nitrogen is smaller in size due to which it can accommodate only atoms which are smaller in size i.e Fluorine being smaller in size can form a better bond with Nitrogen whereas Cl being smaller in size form a unstable compounds.

Why is NF3 most stable? (2023)
Why is NH3 not stable?

The nitrogen atom has a lone pair of electrons that forms a covalent bond with the hydrogen atom. The resulting compound has the formula NH3. NH2 and NH4 are not stable because they do not have enough electrons to form a covalent bond.

Why is NF3 polar or nonpolar?

Boron is a metal and nitrogen is a gas in uncombined state, BF3 bonds have no dipole moment whereas NF3 bond have dipole moment, atomic size of boron is smaller than that of nitrogen, BF3 is symmetrical molecule whereas NF3 is unsymmetrical. Because of this NF3 is polar and BF3 is non polar.

Why is NF3 least basic?

Due to greater electronegativity of F, NF3 will be least basic trihalides among the four. Positive charge next to highly electronegative atom is least stable.

Which bond is most stable and why?

Considering all the above facts, it is clear that the 1s−1s bond will be the most stable one.

Is NH3 stable or unstable?

Ammonia is stable but very reactive. Stable to heat and light. Reacts violently and explosively with oxidizing gases such as chlorine, bromine, and other halogens.

What makes a molecule more stable?

The stability of atoms depends on whether or not their outer-most shell is filled with electrons. If the outer shell is filled, the atom is stable. Atoms with unfilled outer shells are unstable, and will usually form chemical bonds with other atoms to achieve stability.

Why is NF3 a pyramid?

- Now, since nitrogen contains one lone pair of electrons there will be lone pair- bond pair repulsion which will lead to distortion of trigonal planar geometry. Therefore, nitrogen trifluoride will have pyramidal geometry.

Why is NF3 trigonal pyramidal?

So nitrogen has three bond pairs and one lone pair of electrons. Due to the bond pair and lone pair of electrons, the molecular geometry of nitrogen trifluoride will be trigonal pyramidal.

Why does NF3 have a dipole?

F is more electronegative than H and N−F bond is more polar than N−H bond. Hence, NF3 is expected to have much larger dipole moment than NH3. However reverse is true as in case of ammonia, the direction of the lone pair dipole moment and the bond pair dipole moment is same whereas in case of NF3 it is opposite.

Which NH3 and NF3 has higher deployment and why?

F is more electronegative than H and N−F bond is more polar than N−H bond. Hence, NF3 is expected to have much larger dipole moment than NH3.

Why NF3 is stable while NF5 is unstable?

According to the electronic configuration of nitrogen, it does not have 3d orbital that's why it can't expand the valency up to 5 and does not form NF5. Was this answer helpful?

Why is NF3 a strong greenhouse gas?

NF3 is nearly chemically inert in the atmosphere, but it is very effective in absorbing the infrared radiation that the Earth emits. By trapping this infrared radiation, NF3 becomes a potent greenhouse gas. In terms of kilograms emitted, NF3 is about 17,000 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Why is NH3 strongest Lewis base and strong ligand?

Ammonia acts as a ligand due to the lone pair of electrons in nitrogen. It is simple to build coordinate bonds with the lone electron pair. Ammonia acts as a ligand because it has one lone pair on it, as shown in the diagram. Ammonia (almost N H 3 ) is a Lewis base with a lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom.

Why does NF3 have a greater dipole moment than BF3?

In BF3, the dipole moment vectors are arranged at 120∘. Therefore, the resultant of the two dipole moment vectors cancel out with the third dipole moment vector and hence BF3 is non polar in nautre. In NH3 and NF3, the dipole moment vectors do not cancel out each other. Hence, both the molecules are polar in nature.

What is the strongest intermolecular force between NH3 and NH3?

Hydrogen bonding is the strongest intermolecular force. The dipole-dipole forces are weaker than hydrogen bonding but stronger than dispersion forces. The dispersion forces are the weakest.

Is NF3 polar or non polar?

Both BF3 and NF3 are covalent compounds. BF3 is non polar while NF3 is polar.

Why is NF3 a weak base?

Explanation:this is due to the 3 F atoms in NF3 attracts the lone pair of electrons in N and hence it becomes difficult for N to loose that pair of electrons, and therefore acts as a weak base.

Why pf3 is known but NF3 is not?

Expert-Verified Answer

Phosphorus has vacant 3d orbitals which participate in formation of PF5. Nitrogen does not have, so it only forms NF3.

Is NF3 strongest Lewis base?

Nitrogen, being smallest in size, can give up its lone pair of electrons most easily. Hence, the NH3 is the strongest Lewis base.

What are the properties of NF3 gas?

Nitrogen trifluoride, NF3, is a colorless gas. It melts at − 129 °C and boils at − 206 °C. It has a musty, pungent odor. It can be a potent oxidizer at an elevated temperature.

How long does NF3 stay in the atmosphere?

It is nearly chemically inert in the atmosphere, and the average lifetime of an NF3 molecule in the atmosphere is about 550 years2, far beyond a human lifespan.

Which is weaker NH3 or NF3?

NF3 is weaker base than NH3,NCl3,NBr3 and NI3.

Does NF3 have dipole dipole?

The molecules NH3 and NF3 have dipole moments which are of opposite directions.


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