Why does molar conductivity of CH3COOH increases drastically? (2023)

Why on dilution the A of CH COOH increases drastically while that of CH COONa increases gradually?

Why on dilution the `Lamda_(m)` of `CH_(3)COOH` increases drastically, while that of `CH_(3)COONa` increases gradually ? Solution : * `CH_(2)COOH` is weak electrolyte, so on dilution of such solution increases dissociation and concentration of ions increases, so `Lamda_(m)` increases rapidly.

What is the effect of dilution on molar conductivity of CH3COOH?

This is because the increase in the number of ions is not proportional to the decrease in the concentration. Hence, conductivity of CH3COOHdecreases on dilution.

Which of the two is a strong electrolyte justify your answer?

Which of the two is a strong electrolyte? Justify your answer. 'B' is strong electrolyte because on dilution of a strong electrolyte, number of ions almost remains the same. Only interionic attraction decreases and therefore increase in limiting molar conductivity of 'B' is small.

What is common ion effect explain the solution containing CH3COOH and CH3COONa?

The effect in which when a weak acid or a weak base is added and contain same anions(ions), is called common ion effect. CH3COONa is formed by the reaction of sodium hydroxide (strong base) and acetic acid ( weak acid). The sodium acetate is basic in nature.

What happens when CH3COONa is added to CH3COOH?

1 Answer. The pH will increase.

Why does conductivity increase rapidly after neutralization of CH3COOH?

The graph near the equivalence point is curved because the hydrolysis of salt CH3COONa. Beyond the equivalence point, conductance increases more rapidly along with the addition of NaOH because of the highly conducting OH- ions display in the below figure.

What is the molar conductivity of CH3COOH?

At infinite dilution, the Molar conductivity of Acetic acid CH 3 COOH is approximately. 7 Sm 2 mol - 1 at. 1 m .

What is the molar conductance of CH3COOH?

Ans. 0.0426 3.56 The molar conductivity of CH3COOH at infinite dilution is found to be 387 ohm-'cm² mol but at a dilution of 1 g mol in 1000 litres it is 55 ohm cm' mol-'.

When CH COONa is added to an aqueous solution of CH COOH?

<br> Reason (R) : The `pH` of an aqueous solution of `CH_(3)COOH` remains unchanged on the addition of `CH_(3)COONa`. <br> Reason (R) : The ionisation of `CH_(3)COOH` is supressed by the addition of `CH_(3)COONa`. pH of an aqueous 0.1(M) `CH_(3)COOH` solution is 2.87.

How does the degree of dissociation of acetic acid vary as dilution increases Does it increase or decrease?

Dissociation increases with dilution because each molecule requires certain amount of energy to break bonds.

Why does the change in ƛm take place on dilution in case of weak electrolytes?

Molar conductance is dependent on the concentration of the electrolyte. When the solution is dilute the number of ions available per unit volume reduces, resulting in the reduction of the conductivity.

What is the effect of dilution on molecular conductance?

On dilution, the equivalent conductivity and the molar conductivity increases. This is because the degree of dissociation and the total number of ions increases. However the conductivity decreases as the number of ions per unit volume decreases.


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