Is HCl or CH3COOH a stronger acid? (2023)

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Is CH3COOH a weaker acid than HCl?

The given acids are hydrochloric acid and acetic acid. When HCl dissolves in water, it dissociates completely to produce hydrogen ions, whereas acetic acid dissociates partially and produces fewer hydrogen ions. Thus, hydrochloric acid(HCl H C l ) is a stronger acid than acetic acid(CH3COOH C H 3 C O O H ).

Which has a higher pH HCl or CH3COOH?

The pH of the HCl solution is higher than the pH of the CH3COOH solution because lower concentration acids always have the higher pH.

How much stronger is HCl than acetic acid?

HCl is one of the 'strong acids' and as such ionizes 100% whereas Acetic Acid (HOAc <=> H + OAc) is a 'weak acid' and ionizes less than 100% (~1.3% at 25C).

Is HCl or CH3OH more acidic?

In the case of HCl (hydrochloric acid) and methanol, HCl is a strong acid and has a strong ability to donate H+ , whereas CH3OH (methanol) C H 3 O H ( m e t h a n o l ) is more acidic in comparison with other organic alcohol but when compared with an inorganic acid, it is less acidic.

Why is HCl pH lower than CH3COOH?

Acetic acid is a weak acid, so that only some acetic acid molecules donate protons to form hydronium ions. The number of hydronium ions in the beaker of HCl will be higher than in the beaker of acetic acid so the pH of the HCl solution will be lower.

Which has a lower pH HCl or CH3COOH?

HCL will have the lower pH value as it is a strong acid, it will be almost completely dissociated into Protium and Chloride ions.

Which is stronger acid and why HCl or acetic acid?

HCl is a strong acid while, acetic acid is a weak acid. HCl acid ionises completely to H+ and Cl− ions. On the other hand, acetic acid dissociates partially.

Is CH3COOH a strongest acid?

A weak acid (e.g. CH3COOH) is in equilibrium with its ions in water and its conjugate (CH3COO–, a weak base) is also in equilibrium in water.

How can you distinguish between HCl and CH3COOH?

Acetic acid is weak acid and hydrochloric acid is strong acid and the different color of pH paper indicates the strength of acid. Hence these two can be differentiated by pH paper.

What is the strongest acid in order?

List of Strong Acids
  • Recommended Videos. ...
  • Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) ...
  • Hydrobromic Acid (HBr) ...
  • Hydroiodic Acid (HI) ...
  • Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) ...
  • Nitric Acid (HNO3) ...
  • Perchloric Acid (HClO4) ...
  • Chloric Acid (HClO3) Chloric acid is a chemical compound with the formula HClO3.

What acid is stronger than HCl?

For instance, hydrochloric acid comes in at about pH 1.6, nitric acid at 1.08 and pure sulfuric acid at a whopping pH -12. That makes sulfuric acid the strongest 'normal' acid you'll find.

How do you know which acid is the strongest?

The relative strength of an acid can be predicted based on its chemical structure. In general, an acid is stronger when the H–A bond is more polar. Acidity is also greater when the H–A bond is weaker and when the conjugate base, A⁻, is more stable.

Which CH3COOH is most acidic?

So out of CH3COOH and CBr3COOH, CBr3 COOH is more acidic. The reason can be explained as under. All the carboxylic acids will dissociate to give carboxylate ion and H+ in the solution.

How do you rank acidity of a compound?

We can see a clear trend in acidity as we move from left to right along the second row of the periodic table from carbon to nitrogen to oxygen. The key to understanding this trend is to consider the hypothetical conjugate base in each case: the more stable (weaker) the conjugate base, the stronger the acid.

Is HCl is a most acidic compound?

HCl (pH = 1) has the lowest value of pH among all the options. Hence, it is the most acidic compound out of the following options.

Which of the following has the highest value of pH HCl and CH3COOH to CH3COOH?

NaOH has the highest value of pH.

Which has more pH 0.1 M HCl or 0.1 m CH3COOH?

So 0. 1M CH3COOH have higher pH than 0. 1M HCl.

Which acid is the weakest CH3COOH?

Answer: (1) CH3COOH

It is in equilibrium with its ions in water and its conjugate (CH3COO, a weak base) is also in equilibrium in water. Was this answer helpful?

Why is CH3COOH more acidic?

In chloroacetic acid Cl- ion has -I effect which decreases the electron density of O-H bond in carboxylic group while in case of acetic acid CH3 group has +I effect which increases the electron density of O-H bond. Therefore chloro acetic acid is more acidic than acetic acid.

Does HCl make pH higher or lower?

Answer and Explanation: As we can see, HCl produces H+ ions and therefore increases the H+ ion concentration in a sample of water. This higher H+ concentration results in a lower pH value.

Why is HCl stronger than carboxylic acid?

Carboxylic acid weaker than HCl due to the following reasons: Ions of carboxylic acid do not dissociate completely in water. Carboxylic acid being an organic acid do not behave like other acids as they are not ionic.

Why CH3COOH is a weak acid?

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) ionises partially in water, hence, it is a weak acid. In other words, molecules of a weak acid ionises partially into corresponding ions, and the rest remain as simple acid molecules in water.

How strong of an acid is CH3COOH?

CH 3COOH ⇌ CH 3CO−2 + H. Because of this release of the proton ( H +), acetic acid has acidic character. Acetic acid is a weak monoprotic acid. In aqueous solution, it has a pKa value of 4.76.

Which is the stronger acid HF or CH3COOH?

The stronger the acid, the larger the Ka, the more H3O+. The stronger the base, the larger the Kb, the more OH-.
Acid (Base) Strength.
Acid NameFormulaKa
HydrofluoricHF3.5 x 10-4
FormicHCOOH1.8 x 10-4
AceticCH3COOH1.8 x 10-5
HypochlorousHClO3.0 x 10-8
1 more row

Why does HCl solution have a higher concentration of H ions than CH3COOH solution?

Solution : 1M HCl has a higher concentration of `H^+` ions, because when HCl dissolves in water it dissociates completely into ions value while `CH_3COOH` is a weak acid and does not dissociate into ions completely.

Why is pH of HCl and CH3COOH is different?

Answer. Answer: A dilute solution of ch3cooh has a higher ph of 2.4 whereas the ph of dil. HCl is 1 this is why because HCl dissociates completely in water and thus gives more H+ ions whereas acetic acid dissociates partially in water and thus gives less H+ ions.

Why CH3COOH is a weak acid but H2SO4 and HCl are strong?

Answer (A) Explanation :-

Sulphuric acid ionizes completly to form ions. H2SO4 (aq) → H+(aq) + SO4-(aq): Acetic acid ionizes partially in aqueous solution to form ions. CH3COOH (aq) ⇔ H+(aq) + CH3COO- (aq) Higher concentration of H+ ions will be the reason for strong acidic nature of sulphuric acid. B)

What are the 7 strong acids in order?

The 7 Strong Acids
  • Hydrochloric acid - HCl.
  • Hydrobromic acid - HBr.
  • Hydroiodic acid - HI.
  • Perchloric acid - HClO4
  • Chloric acid - HClO3
  • Sulfuric acid - H2SO4 (note only the first proton is strong)
  • Nitric acid - HNO3

What are the 7 strongest acids?

Following are the 7 strong acids:
  • Hydrochloric acid.
  • Nitric acid.
  • Sulfuric acid.
  • Hydrobromic acid.
  • Chloric acid.
  • Hydroiodic acids.
  • Perchloric acid.

What is the correct order of acidity from weakest to strongest?

HF is the weakest acid and Hl is strongest acid.

Why is HCl the strongest acid?

HCl is a strong acid because it dissociates almost completely. By contrast, a weak acid like acetic acid (CH3COOH) does not dissociate well in water – many H+ ions remain bound-up within the molecule. In summary: the stronger the acid the more free H+ ions are released into solution.

What is the strongest and weakest acid?

Phosphoric acid is stronger than acetic acid and so is ionized to a greater extent.
Strong and Weak Acids and Acid Ionization Constant.
AcidConjugate Base
HCl (hydrochloric acid) (strongest)Cl (chloride ion) (weakest)
H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)HSO4 (hydrogen sulfate ion)
HNO3 (nitric acid)NO3 (nitrate ion)
Weak Acids
5 more rows
May 14, 2019

Which is the strongest acid and weakest acid?

Weak acids are only slightly ionized. Phosphoric acid is stronger than acetic acid, and so is ionized to a greater extent. Acetic acid is stronger than carbonic acid, and so on.
Strong and Weak Acids and Acid Ionization Constant.
H2CO3 (carbonic acid)HCO−3 (hydrogen carbonate ion)
HCN (hydrocyanic acid) (weakest)CN− (cyanide ion) (strongest)
7 more rows
Apr 30, 2022

What is the order of acidic strength?

Thus the acidic strength follows the order: HClO4>HBrO4>HIO4.

What is acidic strength order?

Seven strong acids are chloric acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydroiodic acid, nitric acid, perchloric acid, and sulphuric acid.

How do you determine the order of acid strength?

By using the inductive effect, we can determine the acidic and basic character of the molecule by the help of an electron donating group which decreases the acidity of the molecule and an electron withdrawing group which increases the acidic character of the molecule.

Which of the following is correct order of acidic strength CH3COOH?

Thus the correct increasing order of acidic strength is given by C2H5OH<C6H5OH<CH3COOH<HCOOH.

Which is more acidic CH3COOH or H2O?

This can be explained when we take out one proton from each and make their conjugate bases, the conjugate base of ethanol is ethoxide ion while for water the conjugate base is hydroxide ion. The ethoxide ion is a stronger base than hydroxide ions. Thus this makes water more acidic than ethanol. Option B is correct.

Which is more acidic CH3COOH or H2SO4?

H2SO4 is stronger than CH3COOH | Chemistry Questions.

How do you rank a strong and weak acid?

The bond strength of an acid generally depends on the size of the 'A' atom: the smaller the 'A' atom, the stronger the H-A bond. When going down a row in the Periodic Table (see figure below), the atoms get larger so the strength of the bonds get weaker, which means the acids get stronger.

Is HCl a weak acid?

Hence, Hydrochloric acid is strong, not weak.

Is HCl a strong or weak base?

Strong acid

Is HCl king of acid?

Sulphuric acid is called the king of acids.

What makes CH3COOH a weak acid?

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) ionise partially in water, hence, it is a weak acid. In other words, at any time in the solution, only about some percentage of the weak acid molecules have ionised into corresponding ions, while the rest remain as simple acid molecules in water.

Is CH3COOH weaker than HF?

Hydrocyanic is the weakest of the group as it has the smallest Ka. This means that HF will dissociate to a greater extent when placed in water than the other acids.
Acid (Base) Strength.
Acid NameFormulaKa
HydrofluoricHF3.5 x 10-4
FormicHCOOH1.8 x 10-4
AceticCH3COOH1.8 x 10-5
HypochlorousHClO3.0 x 10-8
1 more row

Which base is stronger CH3COO or Cl?

The correct option is: d CH3COO-Explanation:As CH3COOH is the weakest acid so its conjugate base CH3COO-is the strongest base.

Why is HCl stronger than CH3COOH?

CH3COOH upon dilution liberates a very small amount of H+ ions and considered a weak acid. HCl on the other hand upon dilution dissociates completely to generate the H+ ions and liberates a huge amount of H+ ions per unit volume and hence, considered a strong acid.

Which acid is stronger CH3COOH?

CH2ClCOOH is a stronger acid than CH3COOH.

Which is weak acid HCl H2SO4 hno3 CH3COOH?

Strong acids are those acids that completely ionize in water to form a large number of hydrogen ions, (H+). Weak acids are those acids that partially dissociate in aqueous solutions and produce a little number of hydrogen ions, (H+). HCl, H2SO4, HNO3 are strong acids. CH3COOH, H2CO3, H2SO3 are weak acids.

Which acid is the strongest?

The strongest of them all

That title falls to fluoroantimonic acid – a superacid mixture of antimony pentafluoride and hydrofluoric acid.

How do you rank acids by strength?

The table lists the Ka values and the strength of each acid and base.
  1. Strong acids are listed at the top left-hand corner of the table and have Ka values >1.
  2. Acids with a Ka value less than one are considered weak and get weaker as we move to the bottom of the table.

Is CH3COO or CH3COOH stronger?

Re: CH3COOH vs CH3OH Acid Strength

CH3COOH is a stronger acid because when it donates a proton, the resulting compound it forms is more stable due to delocalization of electrons. This is evident when you draw the Lewis structure, as the resulting compound has resonance.

Which is a stronger base CH3O − CH3COO −?

CH3O-, because the negative charge Is de-localized on the oxygen, making the species more stable and therefore less likely to accept a proton.

Why is CH3COO a strong base?

So, we can find that the conjugate base of a weak acid has a higher dissociation constant value so is a strong base. Thus, we can see that acetate ion \[C{H_3}CO{O^ - }\], the conjugate base of the weak acid, acetic acid \[C{H_3}COOH\] is a strong base. Hence, the correct option for the given question is option b).


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